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At New Classics Library publishers, we try to live up to our name. Our authors have introduced to the world a new model of financial markets, the Wave Principle; a new theory of social causality, socionomics; and now a new theory of sub-atomic behavior, the Theory of Elementary Waves.

It took these theories a long time to come to light because aspects of them are counter-intuitive, often in opposite ways. Socionomics exposes a stark dichotomy between finance and economics, which have traditionally been taught as operating under a single set of rules. The Theory of Elementary Waves demolishes the purported dichotomy between sub-atomic and larger-scale physical behavior and shows that a single set of rules really does apply. The Theory of Elementary Waves shows that physical actions are the causal agent of physical events and that the human mind is only an observer, not the cause of these events. Socionomics elucidates the human mind as an active agent of social change, with social events a result — not the cause — of trends in social mood. In challenging the assumption of randomness in financial behavior, the Wave Principle model provides — for the first time — a basis for financial and social prediction. In challenging the claim of randomness in the physical world, Theory of Elementary Waves explains why the already correct predictions of quantum mechanics come true. Each idea, in its own different way, erases decades of misconception and sets a new course for related sciences.

New Classics Library, a division of market forecasting firm Elliott Wave International, is an independent publishing company owned by Robert Prechter. The company was formed in the late 1970s and quickly gained attention with the publication of the Wall Street classic Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior by Frost and Prechter.

Our titles stand apart from the rest by questioning fundamental assumptions about the social and physical sciences.

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